TV-Duel between love and righteousness



Love                            embodies the virtue of love (to occupy with a man)

Righteousness            embodies the virtue of Righteousness (to occupy with a woman)

Moderator                 leads through the program (can also be a moderator team)

Audience                    participates in the duel and decides who will win in the end


The TV duel between Love and Righteousness takes place in a replica TV studio. A moderator conducts the combat. The two virtues fight for which is the more important virtue. In the end the audience elects the winner. Before that, the virtues face various challenges. The moderator does not always turn out to be friendly, and the tasks to be accomplished are anything but easy.

The duel is similar to a TV duel between two political candidates. In addition to the present audience, the imagination of ​​an audience of millions at home is established.

Dramaturgically speaking, we are in the second semi-final, Love against Righteousness The week before, wisdom prevailed against truth in the other semi-final, allowing the winner of today's duel to compete against wisdom in the final.

In a short introductory round both announce the reason for their participation.

Both must mention three strengths of each other.

In an internal quiz, both must complete missing words of well-known quotes.

Then both comment on political issues such as economic policy, employment policy, media - foreign and security policy, budget, education, pension financing, health insurance, taxes.

Now viewers can ask questions to the candidates.

In the following section, the moderator gives approx. 25 keywords to which the candidates have to express themselves in a flash.

Then both take over the judgement on the last day. By what criteria would they judge humanity? It becomes clear that this is not so easy.

Then both try to convince the audience that nothing works without them.

In the lifeboat, both must imagine how they would deal with a dangerous terrorist.

In the following round, the moderator pulls back and the two opponents are allowed to verbal combat for three minutes.

In the concluding plea, both have another 60 seconds to advertise themselves.

In between the various competitions, the winner of the last competition will be announced and a new audience quiz question is being asked.

In the end the audience votes on which virtue wins.


Finally, everyone has the opportunity to comment on the broadcast and the outcome of the election.


TV Duel between love and righteousness


01.Introduction Moderator introduces the adversaries.
02.Presentation Both virtues introduce themselves.
03.Motivation  Both tell the audience why they participate.
04.foreign image       Both have to mention 3 strenghtzs of their adversary.
05.audience quiz   announcement of the winner of last quiz.
06.Missing words      Both have to complete quotations.
07.campaign     Both comment on current political issues.
08.audience question   The audience raises questions.
09.keyword round Both o them have to comment on single words.
10.court scales Both of them have to judge.
11.necessity Both have to convince why they are so important.
12.On a lifeboat  Both of them must well behave on a liveboat.
13.advertisement advertisement for the stageplay "The fruitage of the spirit".
14.quiz Today quiz question for the audience.
15.verbal exchange verbal exchange between the adversaries.
16.closing arguments  Finally both of them may advertise for themselves in 60 seconds.
17.election the audience elects the the winner of the combat.
18.comentary the audience may comment on the stageplay and the election